Riad Ouarzazate’s restaurant Takes you to the heart of Moroccan hospitality. Refinement, generosity and sharing !

Moroccan dishes

Enjoy on the cool terrace, in a romantic setting, with candles and the gentle sound of moroccan music, also with great Moroccan flavors in the Restaurant of Riad Ouarzazate. We provide great Morocco cuisine with the best dishes of the region and the most well known Moroccan delicacies and pastries.

A varied dishes prepared on site with quality ingredients

Morocco is well known by its precious and tasty cuisine.

We offer you great Moroccan specialties and different dishes from all around the country. From the most well known recipes you’ll have the chance of tasting amazing couscous or tajine, kalia or brochettes, pastille and mechoui (grilled sheep) .

A typical meal in our restaurant would be : harira (Moroccan soup) or Moroccan salad, chicken tajine or grilled brochettes, and for desert, fruit of the season, Moroccan pastry and yogurt. You have to finish your meal with a traditional mint tea.

Riad Ouarzazate’s restaurant : three different atmospheres

 Guests can enjoy three different areas, which are subtly transformed with the changing light of day.

First, there is the terrace of the Riad Ouarzazate.

There are also small private lounges, with a central table surrounded by velvet-covered benches, and alcoves upstairs, where daylight filters through the Mashrabiyas.

Upstairs still, there is an elegant and plush room, as well as a larger, more brightly lit library-style lounge. The interior features green and black velvet armchairs and chairs and tataoui ceilings.

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